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2021 New Collections - Tail Uk 


To Dress or not to Dress!

Having never worn a golf dress before I wasn't sure how I would feel about wearing one, but as they seem to becoming more popular every season, I thought this could be the year that I am one of the converted.

 Daily Sports added a couple of golf dresses to their summer collection, my favourite was The Moa Dress. which I ordered.

It's made from a relaxed jersey stretch fabric and has a retro feel with its graphic print in navy, white and watermelon.  

I'm a size large and 5"5" so wasn't sure how the fit and length would be, but when I tried the dress on I was happy as it felt very comfortable and the length was just right coming just above my knees.
The contrasting navy side panels help to give a slimming effect as well as being very on trend. The dress is sleeveless with a zip neck which added to the stylish design.  The two side pockets with zips were great for putting ball markers and tees in.

I also loved that the dress came with detachable inner shorts,which meant 
 I felt at ease moving around , and wasn’t worried about any mishaps when I made a full swing in the dress.

I wore my dress for the first time last week when we had some decent weather, and received a few lovely comments from fellow lady golfers, ( who have since gone on to purchase their own golf dresses), which was lovely.
I was so happy with my golf dress that I have since purchased two more! as I think they will be fabulous playing golf on hot sunny days ( I'm sure we are going to have a fabulous summer this year) and especially when I go on a golf holiday to Turkey later this year.

I would even wear my dresses while on holiday sightseeing etc. due to them being so comfortable and easy to wear.  with a price point of around £70 I think they are great value for money.

If your thinking of purchasing a golf dress then I can honestly say I think they are great and don't know why I'v never worn one before.

Happy golfing



I've been wearing and selling Daily Sports 'Miracle ' clothing for the past ten years, WE have a range of clothing skorts, shorts, capris and trousers in various different colours, to find out why I think these are the best golf trousers on the market read on...

The Daily Sports 'Miracle' trousers may not have any divine inspiration but they are  heavenly to wear! Nothing can beat a pair of well-cut golf trousers for a flattering look , that are easy to wear and they make your legs look longer, your bottom look smaller and most importantly are comfortable to play in!  What more could a girl want?

They are made from an Ultimate Pro-stretch fabric and  are soft and comfortable whilst offering full freedom of movement.

 They come in a selection of  fabulous colours, but black and navy are always very popular, and have long been a wardrobe staple.  You will usually find plenty of shiny stud and zip detailing, double feature button front fastening and right additional zip on front pocket. 

And best of they are very easy to care for No ironing needed!

If you have never tried The Miracle Trousers, why not try a pair this season you wont regret it!